Friday, June 25, 2021

The “Big Six” receive punishment at the Premier League!

The Premier League affirmed that punishment will be given to the “Big 6 clubs” for the reason being associated with the presumed parting European Super league.

The six big clubs are – Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Liverpool. All of them have been fined a combined of 20 million pounds. The governing authority made it clear that another 20 pounds of fine, and a 30-point deduction will be given to the clubs if they try to join a breakaway league.

The “Big Six” receive punishment at the Premier League!

The ESL plan went wrong

In this perspective, the sox big clubs tried to create a new European Competition in April, to take over the Champions League, along with the other European clubs as well. But nothing like it happened, as the scheme of the European Super league (ESL) got shattered, when nine of the members backed out, along with every representative of the Premier League. Till now, only Juventus, Real Madrid, and Barcelona stayed in for of the plan.

Sources also verify that the 6 big clubs have agreed to pay the fine due to the drama European Super League drama of April. The event was announced on 18th April, when it was revealed that various clubs are now in a plan to break away from UFEA, and create a new tournament, named the European Super League. All these clubs joined from England, and also three clubs both from Italy and Spain came.

The intense response

However, this announcement made an intense response in the football world. Some fans protested at the field, while some players, along with the managers spoke opposite to this program. Governing authorities including FA, and UFEA, warned those, who took part in it.

Several people were disappointed with this punishment, as 20 pounds divided among all, will only urge them to give a little of 3.33 pounds, which is even less than a pocket change to any among those Big 6. However, the real problem still lies, as there are no such proper remedies that will assure that those Big Six won’t repeat the same. A fine of 20 pounds or a deduction of 20 points will be nothing if they part away from the tournament.

Strict regulations should set in at the Premier League to avoid threatening including the ESL!

These six clubs have earned huge brand values, and many fans see the Premier League just because of them. At present, the scenario has been like this – the Premier League wants the Big Six more than six big clubs need to play at the Premier League. A proper rule should be set to control the power of those club owners. Else the threat of the European Super League will always be there.

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