Silas, the Stuttgart striker reveals his real identity!

The Stuttgart striker, Silas who has been playing for the club for almost 2 years, revealed his real name. He admitted that his name is Silas, but not Wamangituka, rather Silas Katompa Mvumpa is his real tag. Silas joined VfB Stuttgart, back in 2019, from Paris FC, also disclosed that his birth year is 1998, and not 1999, signifying that he is one year older than he said earlier.

The false Identity of Silas

Though Silas revealed it, a statement from the official website of VfB Stuttgart, said that the false name was a mistake by his agent, who revealed that he wouldn’t be permitted to come to Europe again, if he would go to Congo, while working in Belgium.

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Sources verify, and also from the affirmation of the VfB Stuttgart, it is heard that the false name of Silas, which is apparent in all of his falsified documents, is known to be one of the names of his father.

Fear for the close ones

While stating the club regarding his false identity, he also disclosed the real cause behind it. Sila said that he was unable to unveil the truth for his family living in Congo. He was afraid that his close ones might face the consequences. He also said that for a couple of years, he was tensed for his family, and lived in constant fear.

It was a hard move for him to execute, to publicly reveal his story, and probably he’d never show that bravery, if his club VfB Stuttgart, and their members would not support him, and make him feel like his second home, as well as a safe place.

Silas’s next action

The German Football Federation is inspecting the matter, while Stuttgart has decided to back of Silas. The club stated that with their support, Silas has completely set his focus on clearing this scenario. The Democratic Republic of Congo has also sent him the corresponding official documentation, the club added.

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