IPL 2021 Phase 2: ICC probably won’t permit BCCI to carry on the IPL 2021 window till 15th October

The BCCI is yet to finalize the dates for the second phase of 2021 IPL, and also they’re planning to extend the window of the tournament till 15th October, concerning reducing the double-headers. However, sources verify that the International Cricket Council (ICC) is unlikely to allow the Indian Cricket Board to extend any window beyond 10th October.

The tournament will take place on September-October

The Board of Control of Cricket in India declared the previous month that phase 2 of the Indian Premier League will take place on September-October at the UAE, and will notify ICC regarding the covid19 condition in India by end of June, and how far will they be successful in conducting T20 World Cup.

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The BCCI is working hard to successfully stretch the window for long to conduct the reaming part of the IPL. Concerning this, the BCCI spoke to various cricket boards, as well as met the officials of ICC at the United Arab Emirates. The sources state that BCCI won’t be able to carry on the window beyond 10th October.

Why ICC isn’t permitting the BCCI to extend the IPL Window?

The ICC had previously declared the T20 WC’s tentative window in India. As per the media sources, the tournament is going to take place in mid-October, and continue till 14th November. The T20 world cup window marked out to maintain a gap at least a year in between T20 WC at Australia in 2022, and 50-over WC in 2023. The authority plans to see that the windows of the respective WC’s won’t clash with each other.

Significantly, as per the decision of ICCI and the member boards, no tournament can be organized at least 7-10 days before the T20 World Cup. Suppose, the IPL 2021 draws closer to the World Cup dates, ICCI not likely to be satisfied with the same, sources confirm. It is obvious that if the T20 WC takes place close to October 18th, and concludes on 14th November, IPL 2021 window will not be allowed to run close to it.

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