Google Meet down? High outage in several parts of India

Students complain about missing classes due to widespread outage of Google Meet.

Google’s popular video conference communication service, Google Meet, is facing server issues. This problem started on Saturday morning, 5th June. As a result, numerous users have reported facing snags in joining via their meeting links in Google Meet.

The report has been flagged by over 1,000 people till now.

Incapable of attending business meetings and college lectures, people have even taken to posting the issue on social media websites like Twitter. Many demands the company explain and fix Google Meet and resolve the bug as soon as possible.

Google Meet’s server has been down since 7 am this morning. Several students who were supposed to join online classes via Google Meet also complained about not being able to attend their normal classes. Many people are facing audio and video related issues as well.

Several users also wrote about the issue on a platform called Downdetecter. It is an online website that serves as a platform to provide users with real-time data and information about the status of various websites and online services.

How bad is the Google Meet outage? When can we expect things to return to normal?

It is not working particularly in North India. Many are getting disconnected and can’t hear audio or see the presentation.

We are still waiting for the issue to get resolved. No official report about the server outage has been made yet. Only a few days before the company introduced a new User Interface (UI) for this platform. It  now shows recommendations in the form of notifications that appear as a bubble and red dot over the ‘More Options’ pin next to ‘End Call’ in the renovated bottom bar.

High outage in several parts of India
Students complain about missing classes.

Google Meet server issue complaints started early at about 07:00 hours today. At 09:00 hours the outage saw a steep spike among users, and remained high until 13:00 hours. 64% of the users cannot join a meeting and many are unable to login. 19% of users facing this issue. Around 16% of users are unable to start a meeting.

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