Gavaskar unveils the name of the batsman, he loves to see!

One of the greatest legends of cricket all over the world, Sunil Gavaskar reveals the name of the batsman he loves to watch. He is a great fan of T20 cricket, which even reflects in his commentary on the T20 matches, where he never misses out.

Gavaskar belongs among the great batsman of the 1970s and ’80s, where everyone used to play copybook cricketing shorts, and hitting the ball in the air was a blue moon event then. A man coming from that era, reveals his favourite T20 player’s name. It is none other than the RCB’s superstar, and the South African legend, AB de Villiers.

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AB De Villiers: Gavaskar unveils the name of that batsman, he loves to see!

De Villiers makes cricket look so simple – says Gavaskar

The former Indian captain, also stated on the Analyst Inside Podcast, that De Villiers is a player who can play everything around his 360-degree field. He makes cricket look so simple, as every time you are seeing him doing net practice. If he hits a fair distance short, his elegance is something extraordinary. It is such a pleasure to see him when he plays that kind of shorts, and the follow-through of his bat comes right over the shoulder, resembling the perfect cricket technique.

It takes a lot of skill to hit SIXES

Gavaskar also added that – apart from hitting massive sixes and maintaining the pace of the game, he also loves to make interesting every shortest aspect of the game.

“Many people have played on my time, who are not pleased with t20 format but love it to a great extent. The significant reason behind this is, it has a short duration, and derives a proper result. Along with that action is the major thing you can relish here. If someone performs a reverse sweep or a switch hit, it takes me out of my chair, and I imagine that incredible shot again. It certainly takes a lot of skill to hit these sixes” – Gavaskar added.

I want to play like ABD – states Gavaskar

Gavaskar also faced a question on the perspective of loving T20 cricket that among the modern T20 batsman, whom he wants to play like. He said it is certainly that batsman, who can play all types of shorts, i.e., AB de Villiers. The way he plays is just incredible to see.

De Villiers’s Consistency

De Villiers has been in excellent form in the IPL Phase 1, scoring 207 runs in just 7 matches for RCB, resulting in RCB’s victory in 5 out of 7 matches. Also, he became the second foreign player to cross the 5000 run mark in IPL, with 3 tons and 40 half-centuries. In perspective to this, he was in talks with the South Africa Cricket board, possibly to make his return in international cricket, but the discussion came to an end when it was finalized that he won’t come out of his retirement – Cricket board of South Africa stated.

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De Villiers’s retirement is final – Says South African Cricket Board

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