Valorant now in Mobile! Coming Soon!

The long-awaited people’s desire is now over. Valorant is coming to mobile soon. The developer and publisher of Valorant, Riot Games has decided to bring one of the most famous first-person shooting games now on the small screen.

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Valorant Now in Mobile! Coming Soon!

The company stated that by delivering the game on mobile, it is working properly, lacking any sort of technical issues. The significant motive to bring it on this platform is to increase the player community, they added.

The Increasing Popularity of Valorant

This video game was launched in 2020, i.e. only a year ago, and earned much fame across the world, along with wonderful reviews. The company also said that at present, the Valorant video game holds over 14 million players every month.

Some features of Valorant

Coming to the characteristics, it is an FPS game (First-person shooter), that combines some of the terrific features of Overwatch, consisting of its character abilities, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well, composing of the mechanics.

It was only a PC game earlier, which was free to play, that can be run on Windows 7. Players, who have played this game for a long, are awarded wonderful aims, and reflexes.

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The main aim is to earn trust and respect says – Anna Donlon (Executive Producer of Valorant)

The executive producer of this video game, Anna Donlon said that one of their prime aims is to gain respect and trust from the global FPS community. The second aim is to determine that Valorant will always support the basics of a genuinely productive competitive tac-shooter.

She also said that it is a pleasure to see how the growing player community of Valorant is appreciating their steps and is certainly beyond what they’ve expected. They are also very excited to bring the same competitive Valorant experience, to an increased number of global players, she added.

The Gamers’ View

However, to some gamers, this decision of Riot Games seemed a bit interesting, concerning the fact that only computers have the most precise controls, and no other platform consists of the same as it. Take this issue, the gaming consoles in the mobile may sadden the fans. But still witnessing the increasing popularity of Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite, etc., accusing the developers of Valorant is silly.

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