Everything you need to know about the East Bengal and Shree Cement dilemma

The present situation between the East Bengal club and Shree Cement is certainly a tough one. East Bengal’s participation in the Indian Super League, handled a tough business when the executive committee decided not to sign the final agreement with Shree Cement, their investor.

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The East Bengal and Shree Cement Dilemma

A shocking announcement

The club announced this at a meeting on Tuesday and stated that the significant reason behind this is for the members of the club.

The staff and other representatives said that if the club compels them to sign the papers, and if any sort of pressure comes, then they would resign. Also, there’s a difference between signing a term sheet, and a final agreement, they added. However, Shree Cement refuses their statement.

Only three months are left for the ISL, and the East Bengal club is yet to be finished with some new signings. Currently, they are in a problematic situation as the Shree Cement has said that they would back off if the club doesn’t finalize the deal.

All of the East Bengal Members agree with the decision

The club committee stated that every single member of EC has acknowledged the decision of not signing that specific document for the final agreement, in its current form.

Also, according to a source from The Telegraph, the General Secretary of the club, Kalyan Majumdar has agreed upon this decision, and also conveyed it to Pranab Dasgupta, the club president.

The deal between East Bengal and Shree Cement may break

When the start of ISL is so close, the East Bengal club has interrupter all their activities in social media, until any further notice, possibly signing the break between the investor and the club.

Tough situation for East Bengal

However, East Bengal is not unfamiliar with this situation, as this sort of investor-related dilemmas they have faced before.

Before Shree Cement, more or less happened with Quess, who came out from the agreement after a couple of seasons. It was Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, who assisted in getting an investor to play in the 2020-21 season of ISL.

Things may not be easy for East Bengal if they couldn’t find an investor for the upcoming ISL season to pay the participation fee. Players including Raju Gaikwad and goalkeeper Debjit Majumdar who desired to play under Robbie Fowler are also concerned regarding the same.

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Raju Gaikwad

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