Situation in Tokyo is tough for conducting the Olympic Games 2021

As days are passing by, Tokyo Olympics is coming near. But due to the concerning situation of this violent pandemic, the top Covid-19 adviser of Japan, has suggested that it would be a sort of risk to conduct Olympic right now, in this situation.

Less than 2 months, and only 51 days from today, the Olympic Games will get started. While on the other hand, according to the Kyodo news, the organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympics has reported that above 10,000 volunteers have pulled themselves out concerning the rise of Coronavirus.

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Situation in Tokyo is tough for Conducting 2021 Olympics

10,000 of 80,000 Volunteers have backed off

The Japanese Organizing committee, said on Wednesday, stated that more than 10,000 of 80,000 volunteers have quit from their upcoming work on assisting in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo as well as the Paralympics that is to be held during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toshiro Muto, the CEO of the organizing committee said that the reason to quit is undoubtedly justified, as the significant reason behind this is concern over COVID infection.

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Organizers trying their best to set up the comfort in common people

Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics 2021, are trying their level best, to set up support from people, and struggling to convince them that the Olympics will be regulated safely. Though it has been a bit harder for them to convince the common people, as the country has not been that successful to control this infection so far, and has also been a COVID-19 state since April.

In this tough situation, of the unavailability of helpers, there are some “Field Cast” volunteers, whom the organizing committee hired earlier, from 2 lakhs of applications, and they are expected to take up some crucial responsibilities, including assisting at the operation of the games, being as a guide at the venues, etc.

Comments of Yoshiro Mori and Yoshihide Suga

The organizers stated that more downfall regarding this issue occurred when the former president of the organizing committee, Yoshiro Mori commented that “women are much talkative during meetings” and after which another 1000 volunteers left the work.

Yoshihide Suga, the Prime Minister of Japan, said that the summer Olympics, along with the Paralympics can be organized with ease, by adopting sufficient, as well as necessary measures.

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