Messi’s future lies at Barcelona confirmed

Various opinions came from everywhere regarding LM10’s future at Barcelona, but in the end, it seemed like the everlasting bond of Lionel Messi and Barca is hard to crack.

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Messi’s New Contract

The 33-year-old Argentine legend is rumoured to end all the speculations by signing a new contract with Barcelona of 2 years. Lionel Messi could leave Barca forever, that many of his fans opined since last summer when he gave a shock to the whole world by demanding a transfer from the club, where he was there from the very beginning of his career. Many people also commented that he could go to Manchester City or PSG.

Messi’s contract with Barcelona was going to expire the next month when various reports in Spain affirmed that the six-time Ballon d’Or winner is ready to sign a new deal, sighing relief to his admirers.

The news of his contract signing came a day after the contract signing ceremony of Sergio Aguero, who is has been a long-term friend of the Argentine legend. In the ceremony itself, Aguero was asked about Messi’s future at Barcelona and if fans can see him play together or not. Aguero just exclaimed, “Let’s hope for it”. “It is indeed an absolute delight to play with Messi, and I feel proud for this. We know each other since we’re kids, and have played in the Argentinian National Team as well”, he added.

Lionel Messi plays for his team, and not for Money – says Laporta

Messi’s father, Jorge, also his agent, went to Spain to discuss his future in Barcelona with Joan Laporta, the president of Barcelona. He said that “we’ve been conferring for long, and Messi’s decision of staying in the club is entirely upon him.” Though he also confidently added that he would be successful in tempting Messi to stay forever here. Though he deserves more, which he could get elsewhere, his dream is to make Barca great. He always appreciates the effort and is quite excited by our upcoming project to make new talent.

He also added, “Leo plays for the team, and not for money. He desires to be in comfort, feel appreciated, and then emerge victoriously”. Lastly, he stated that “he and LM10 may come to a deal that will be agreed by both the club and him and also remains within the possibilities of FC Barcelona.

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