Chrome adds Built-in screenshot tool and editor in share menu for Android

Last year, Google introduced a custom share menu to replace the default in the mobile browser system. Chrome for Android is now adding a built-in screenshot tool.

When you share in Chrome for Android – either from the overflow menu or the address bar, the bottom sheet rises to the top. Since August Google has redesigned its version 85, so that the name page, URL, and favicon of the site you are visiting appear at the top. Copy link, send to your device, QR code, and print.

Some users in Chrome 91 for Android are now seeing a “screenshot” tool. Your entire screen, including the Omnibox, is cropped, with text and drawing tools at the bottom of the list.

chrome share screenshot 1 1

Text UI Nifty is the current field that features corner shortcuts for cropping, stretching/tilting, and deleting. Meanwhile, doodling lets you choose 18 colors and six-stroke sizes. Undo and redo are available through this tool.

When you’re done, tap “Next” on the far right and you’ve presented options for sharing this screenshot, save or delete only on the device. The middle option will treat it like you are downloading a file from the web and it will appear in Chrome’s built-in download manager.

Earlier this week, version 91 of Chrome for Android rolled out, and the screenshot tool “new” in the share menu is badged.  It’s live on several devices we checked, but your mileage might vary and the flag is below:

This feature is somewhat replicate of the markup tool introduced with Android 11 and updated to Android 12, people will appreciate the option because people show how they save things nowadays on the web and in apps.

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