All you need to know about Firefox 89

What does the new Firefox 89 model bring? Do you want to know more about the key features and the new updates to your favourite browser? Read to find out!

Released on the 1st of June 2021, Firefox 89 comes with a clean and sleek design.

Firstly Firefox 89 brings in a bright and easy to read interface making it more attractive to its users. Secondly, its new light RAM requirements make it easier to load on screens of all sizes and across multiple platforms.

Moreover, the catalogue of Firefox 89 graphic changes is pretty long.

It includes a fresh icon directory with a streamlined toolbar and menus, crisp typography and a new look for tabs. Most importantly, Firefox 89 has an expanded set of privacy protections that will help users keep their personal data and information safe and secure.
This new release is a major event for the Firefox family and could be a turning point in the browser’s market rankings.

Firefox ushers in a new era with a fresh new design that can get you where you want to go online in a fast and distraction-free manner. When we go beneath the surface, the users can discover the vast potential that the new version comes with. It has also integrated confidentiality shields.

The overhaul consists of updated notifications and alerts of all kinds. It has expanded its privacy protections with its private browsing mode. Total Cookie Protection is currently available as always-on by default in the Private Browsing Mode. According to Mozilla’s M.J. Kelly, the Firefox 89 model has refined user experience on all platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS, and iPhone and iPad devices.

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