What did Google Photos do in their new policy?

    So what happens now that Google Photos has updated its policy? What is the fate of our photos and videos? Will we be able to retrieve them? Or are they lost forever?

    From 1st June 2021, Google Photos plugs its free storage at 15GB to make its users sign up for Google One subscription storage service instead. New photos or videos uploaded to Google Photos from today onwards will sum up the free storage of High quality (now titled Storage saver) of 15GB in the Google Account storage.

    Many people are concerned about their previous media files. However, the files are still accessible and will not add up to the Google Account storage limit. Also, the videos and photos backed up to the Original quality. They then sent to the Storage saver quality (previously known as High quality) after today will total to your Google Photo storage limit. 

    So what happens when you reach the quota limit of 15GB?

    Once the storage limit is reached, there are two things you can do. You can use the storage management tool to analyze and delete photos and videos to increase your storage. Or you can subscribe to the Google One subscription plan for additional storage.  You cannot back up any additional photos or videos if you’re over the limit. Your content may be deleted when its quota is above the specified limit for 24 months.

    You can be affected if your Google Photos is synced to your work, family, school or another group account. The plan is dependent on your manager or company. You can contact the manager of the Google account to figure out how it works.

    For Pixel 5 users we have amazing news.

    If your device is a Pixel 5 or an earlier model, you will still receive your free unlimited storage for photos and videos. However, this applies only if they are backed up from your Pixel model.

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