All you need to know about the new Unreal Engine 5

Today, we are discussing the early access of Unreal Engine 5 now available. While its ultimate goal is to deliver creators across the industry with stunning real-time content and experience for UE5, this Early Access build is designed for game developers who want to survive on the brink of bloodshed to test features and prototype their next games.

This Early Access build of Unreal Engine 5 isn’t product-ready, but here’s the first time you can get your hands on some of the technology when it appeared in last year’s announcement when it generated so much excitement not to mention something you’ve never seen before. Here’s a roundup of all the new features that are ready for testing.


Nanite is a virtualized micro polygon geometry system that enables you to create time-consuming and tedious tasks, such as baking details on a simple map or manually approving LODs.

However it has an amazing field-quality source art which made up of millions of polygons – ranging from Z-brush sculptures to photogrammetry scans – and these are sometimes maintained at real-time frame rates and sometimes without any noticeable loss of fidelity. Impossible? No more!

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Then the Lumen, the complete dynamic global illumination solution. With the help of Lumen, you can create dynamic, believable scenes where indirect illumination on the fly is converted into direct light or geometry.

With Lumen, you no longer have to write lightmap UVs, wait for lightmaps to bake, or place image captures; You’ll see the same final light inside the Unreal Editor just to create and edit the light and run the game on the console.

Open worlds

On an ongoing mission, It helps us to make open worlds faster, easier, and more collaborative for teams of all sizes.

First, there is a new world partition system that automatically divides the world into a grid and flows the necessary cells when needed. Then, there’s a new File System Per Actor that makes collaboration easier – you and your team members can now work together in the same region of the same world without relying on each other’s toes.

Lastly, the data layer allows you to change different types of time in the same world, such as daytime and nighttime versions, or specific datasets enabled through gameplay – as existing layers in the same space.


Constantly taking steps outside of the unreal engine to create or edit animation is time-consuming and painful and an obstacle in the way of repetition. That’s why in Unreal Engine 5, expanding and expanding the set of animation tools to allow you to write relevant, incredibly detailed characters.

Artist-friendly tools like control rigs enable you to quickly create rigs and share them across multiple characters; Apply them to the sequencer and use the new pose browser to save and apply poses as an asset and use the new Full-Body IK solver to create natural movements easily. Motion Warping, meanwhile, enables you to adjust the main motion of a character by lining it up on different targets.


UE5  introducing a fundamentally new way of making audio. MetaSounds is a high-performance system that offers complete control over audio DSP graph generation of sound sources, letting you manage all aspects of audio rendering to drive next-generation procedural audio experiences.

MetaSounds is a fully programmable material and rendering pipeline, bringing all the benefits of procedural content creation to audio that the Material Editor brings to shaders: dynamic data-driven assets, the ability to map game parameters to sound playback, huge workflow improvements, and much more.

Enhanced Editor UI & workflow

The unrealistic editor at UE5 will get a brand new look, flowing workflow, and optimized use of screen real estate making it easy, fast, and more enjoyable to use.

You can download Unreal Engine 5 Early Access from Epic Games launcher. For details of all the new features, see the Release Notes.

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