Bugatti introduces three new smartwatch model with cutting-edge technology

    The Bugatti has an established profile of quality, excellence, and greatness in designing its sports cars that are truly iconic. It is now teaming up with Watchmaker VIITA to develop three great smartwatches that will reflect cutting-edge technology and materials in creating what makes the two companies look like masterpieces. VIITA has blossomed into one of the top luxury smartwatch brands. Its combination with the Bugatti reflects the excellence of the installation of cast-edge technology as the driver of their products and the general design philosophy of the installation.

    The three new Bugatti smartwatches carry the names of iconic brands of luxury car makers – such as Bugatti Pur Sport, Le Noir, and Divo. All three models are presented by Bugatti Ceramic.

    All three smartwatches are rocking with some impressive features and functionality. There are up to 90 different sports modes, health and fitness sensors to monitor vital statistics, acceleration, and GPS at every moment. The dual-purpose heart sensor measures both heart rate and heart rate variability.

    bugatti smartwatch 1

    The three Bugatti smartwatches are equipped with the highest level of precision, class, and comfort. The Bugatti has rubber wrist straps or titanium straps to choose from. Several personalizations and customizations are possible with each model.

    The impressive-described bezel is made of scratch-resistant ceramic. The cover is forged from lightweight titanium. Smartwatches can be used for up to two weeks with a 445mAh battery. The sculpted sapphire glass housing of the Bugatti smartwatches features a high-res 390 x 390 pixel LED touchscreen.

    As for the price, the three new smartwatches will not cost much more than the Bugatti sports car but are as valuable as the luxury watch, thanks to the premium materials used in their production. They are available for beginner bird buyers at €899. It is assumed that the models have a limited supply and a five-year warranty is available for each of them.

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