Google Chrome will bring Android 12 style stretchy scrolling

    Like it or not, a tweet that comes with Android 12 is to add an iOS-like stretch effect when scrolling to the edge of a page. It looks like the expanded scrolling of Android 12 is coming to Chrome for Android soon.

    Stretchy scrolling – the elastic effect used to show how much you’ve scrolled – is already available in a limited size in Chrome but only available for Windows devices with a touchscreen or “precision touchpad”. Added to this, the effect was intended to help match the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge with its predecessor scrolling.

    In Chrome for Android today, whether you’re going over the edge of a web page, depending on whether you’re at the top or bottom of the page, will either use the pull-to-refresh to show you or use the invoice-style effect ‘below. With the addition of a new code change to Chromium, Chrome is ready to achieve the elastic scrolling effect for Android.

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    Android 12 and higher has a new visual behaviour for scrolling that expands the scrolling content. This patch rolls using the elastic overscroll flag to enable behaviour on Android.

    Initially, extended scrolling will only be available behind the Chrome: // flag. For now, there’s no way to make sure only 12 Android devices have extended scrolling effects enabled, suggesting that it may be available for all Chrome-powered devices for Android.

    Considering that Chrome Canary for Android is currently in version 93, we probably won’t see the new extended over scrolling until the version stabilizes in late August or early September.

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