Pixel Buds displaying remaining battery life in hours on Android 12

The last chance with the Pixel Bud brought a fix for audio cutouts in September when it was a feature that was dropped months ago. An upcoming new capability for pixel buds is the ability to see the remaining battery life of a few hours on Android 12.

Today, Pixel Bud’s collaborative ‘app’ can display battery life for each component as a percentage. This hasn’t been the case since its introduction.

At least one user is now seeing how many hours they have left the battery. It will appear below the battery percentage for left and right buds, but not the case. In the screenshots below, we see how the estimate differs between the charged elements as 100%. This could be a reflection of battery health or long-term observations of people who have dried individually in the buds.

Pixel Buds battery hours 1 2 1 1

We can’t get an estimate of this hour/minute-based battery life to appear on our device (stable or preview) with the person facing it in Android 12 Beta 1. Meanwhile, their Pixel Buds are running firmware 553 released in February (with no changelog) and version 1.0.367372739 of the companion client. Google could be in the process of A/B testing this capability.

Android has long provided simultaneous estimates for phones and tablets. Pixel buds, provide more effective information for owners than a percent. Most probably assume that headphones have a battery life of five hours per charge. This may be an Android 12 feature for Bluetooth accessories, but some level of the accessory-maker company may require accurate, hardware-specific estimates required.

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