Tipster shared Apple Silicon iMac Pro with a Boxier Design, multiple USB-C ports, and Space Gray finish

According to some renders shared by a Tipster, the Apple Silicon iMac Pro may have a design similar to the recently launched M1 iMac. Creative professionals can also treat because this machine can provide adequate I/O, you will find after reading.

The tipster claims that the Apple Silicon iMac Pro will not be as expensive as the closed version. The upcoming Apple Silicon iMac Pro that is expected to share with the M1 iMac, eliminating the art and smooth design, is the box finish and reduced bezel. According to LeaksApplePro, who teamed up with ld_vova to bring these renders, claims that the chin has been reduced slightly, and there is no Apple logo at the front. The tipster also states that the entire machine will feature a graphite or space grey finish.

Apple Silicon iMac 1 Pro 4 1

Unfortunately, he didn’t mention that the Apple Silicon iMac Pro will be available in more colours like M1 iMac, so we’ll have to wait patiently for that update.  The ports selection will be a typical Apple choice, with LeaksApplePro claiming that there will be four Thunderbolt inputs, along with a single RJ45 Ethernet jack. He also claims that Apple is working on adding an SD card reader on the right side, which will be music to the ears of creative professionals, but the decision is not finalized.

Also, for those who don’t want to pay such a hefty price for the discontinued Intel version of the iMac Pro, Tipster claims it will be less expensive, but he didn’t share the full details. All of this information was probably provided by an anonymous source, and many design corrections could occur before Apple launches the iMac Pro. That being said, LeaksApplePro doesn’t have the most reliable track record, so we recommend our readers treat this pinch with a pinch of salt and come back with more updates.

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