Messi finishes as the top goal scorer of La Liga for the 5th consecutive year

Although Lionel Messi did not have a good season with Barcelona, he shone like a star individually. Messi played 33 matches in this season with plus 2 as a sub. He has made 140 shots, out of which 90 shots were on target. In this season, Messi has scored 30 goals. He has made 9 assists with an average of 65 passes per match with a pass completion rate of 85%.

With a score of 30 goals in La Liga Santander, he will once again win the Pichichi Trophy, which will be the eighth one of his career and fifth in a row. The previous seven came in 2009/10 (34 goals), 2011/12 (50), 2012/13 (46), 2016/17 (37), 2017/18 (34), 2018/19 (36), 2019/20 (25) and 2020/21 (30), but this one is more significant than any other.

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Messi has now become one of the top goal scorers and has scored top in a consecutive row in Europe’s top league and also has finished as top goal scorer most of the time.

In La Liga, Telmo Zarra is the closest competitor of Messi, with six trophies to his overall Pichichi Trophy. Both Hugo Sanchez and Alfredo Di Stefano won five throughout their respective careers.

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Although his team is in a bad form, he always manages to play to his fullest. It is a major drawback of the team, Messi is a forward player and main goal scorer or key player of the team as well as captain, which reduces his capability to improve more in his game. The team needs to work more, and all the teammates also need to take responsibility as a whole only one player cannot play football and led the team to victory.

Though this is not Messi’s one of the best seasons, then also manages to be the top goal scorer. This proves his brilliance in the game of football.

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