Snap announces next-generation AR Spectacles to overlay virtual lenses

At its partner summit today, Snap today announced a new pair of Spectacles with AR power capabilities. Unlike the first three generations, these are still not being sold and are specifically aimed at developing augmented reality.

These amazing spectra features include dual 3D waveguide displays that can reach 2 thousand net brightness and a 26.3-degree diagonal field of view. There are two RGB cameras and four microphones controlled via a touchpad. It weighs 134 grams and only has 30 minutes of battery life.

Apparently, many have pointed out how it has the Tesla Cybertruck, with its sharp corners, has a brutal aesthetic and angles. It is also very wide over the face of some people. By scanning the code below, you can see, surprisingly, “try them” on Snapchat.

A “Snap Special Engine” is characterized by six degrees of freedom, hand, marker, and surface tracking permissions, while there is a 15-millisecond speed for photon delay.

Snap Spectacles AR 4 1 1

Given their current creator focus, you can use AR lenses to overlay the real world through Snap Touting Lens Studio integration. However, those who wear these glasses can send pictures/videos to contacts directly from the device.

Unlike the first three generations of spectacles, which are more focused on sharing, these are not available for sale here, including the creation sign-up process.

Snap announcements from AR Spectacles will take the industry closer to consumer devices down the road. In the near future, Apple is rumoured to be releasing an enhanced reality device.

Samsung concepts leaked earlier this year, while Google (including at I/O 2021) has been very quiet about its plan for the wearable AR form factor. The focus remains on creating a phone-based experience, but the opposite is that they will probably be a key part of its glasses experience.

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