Amazon debuts free video-streaming service MiniTV

According to TechCrunch, Amazon has launched an ad-supported, free video streaming service called MiniTV within the Amazon India app. This is a different offer than its separate Amazon Prime video service, as it is part of traditional shopping app instead of MiniTV’s own standalone app.

Worldwide, Amazon has made big bets on its prime video streaming service despite strong competition. Because of the launch of new video streaming services like Disney+ Hotstar. However, as we stand now, Amazon still has an exclusive amount of users and bets on exclusive content.

An Amazon Prime subscription gives you access to Amazon Prime videos, while a standalone subscription is also available and costs a little less. However, not everyone can afford to subscribe. In the United States, there’s IMDb TV, an ad-supported streaming service for watching movies and series. Now, Amazon is launching yet another one, specifically for India, called MiniTV.

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MiniTV will be accessible directly from the Amazon India app and will primarily focus on web series, comedy shows and tech news, food, beauty and fashion related content, as Amazon said. Everything will be ready exclusively towards the Indian market. Some of the currently available titles are produced by TVF and Pocket Aces, the two largest web studios in India, or supplied by Indian comedians.

The company also added (via TechCrunch) that viewers will “be informed on latest products and trends by tech expert Trakin Tech, fashion and beauty experts such as Sejal Kumar, Malvika Sitlani, Jovita George, Prerna Chhabra, and ShivShakti. Food lovers can enjoy content from Kabita’s Kitchen, Cook with Nisha, and Gobble. In the coming months, MiniTV will add many more new and exclusive videos.” Currently, the service is live on the Android version of the Amazon India app, and the feature is also set to come to the iOS version soon.

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