Huawei trademarks ‘NovaBook’ and ‘NovaPad’ for laptops and tablets

    Huawei is a well-known brand in China. In 2019, Huawei applied for the HUAWEI Nova Buds trademark to the European patent office 2019. But even after over a year, there’s still not a single product with this branding.

    However, on May 13, 2021, the brand has taken the initiative to manufacture laptops and tablets to bring something new. The two product categories will come with ‘Nova’ branding.

    According to new trademark filings by the Chinese telecom giant, it could soon introduce Nova books and Nova tablets with new branding. However, I understand that we may see the products with this branding before this week.

    At the moment Huawei laptops are known as ‘HUAWEI Mate Book’ and for the tablets, known as ‘HUAWEI Mate Pad’. And the Mate Pad is competing for the best in the business. To your knowledge, till now Huawei is using the Mate brand only for laptops and tablets ever since it was introduced.

    According to the IT homes, the news is the company has applied for the two new names for the upcoming series. And the new branding now will get its name as Nova series. And the firm uses two more brandings for smartphones namely Nova and P, in addition to Mate. For your knowledge, Huawei has been using Nova branding only for smartphones.

    But right now, I can’t say anything out loud that how much time Huawei has taken to make this product and we will see that with these brandings, because till now we still haven’t seen the Nova Buds, as I discussed previously.

    But however, if the phones of the Nova series can co-exist with other lineups means some of the new features, then we don’t have to face any problem seeing the laptops and tablets with Huawei brands (Nova Books, Nova Pad) with a different set of features than the Mate Books and the Mate Pads.

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