Fans flood Twitter as #Dogefather calls the crypto a “hustle”

Just a few days ago, Dogecoin enters into the Top 5 Global ranking as per the total market cap. The price of it breaks its own past records and becomes a hot cake in a few hours. However, this crypto had come into practice earlier too. Thanks to the Elon Musk. You probably know he is one of the known faces among cryptocurrency supports and a promoter of Dogecoin.

The SpaceX founder’s blessings were always with the Dogecoin. He even shared earlier that Dogecoins will go to the moon in the future. His tweets boost the price of this virtual currency in the beginning. Unfortunately, when the price growth was at its top gear, one single reply of Elon Musk puts a sudden break and brings the price down by around 38.12%. This figure is from the past 24 hours and the price is still decreasing.

Fans flood Twitter as Dogefather calls the crypto

In a comedy sketch TV show named “Saturday Night Live” when a show cast member Michael Che asked Elon “So, it’s a hustle?” regarding Dogecoin, he replied, “Yeah, it’s a hustle.” and laughed. This show was hosted on last Saturday at 11:30 p.m. EDT. Needless to say, the reaction is already here. As a bonus, all the Doge fans flood Twitter on this topic with the hashtag #Dogefather. Some of the notable tweets are given below.

It’s obvious all the Dogecoin investors were expecting the price will hit $1 at night as there was an influential discussion going on TV. But just one reply ruined all the happiness for now. Don’t forget to share your opinion on it. Put that in the comment box down below.

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