Apple: Suppliers reportedly gearing up to launch 2nd Generation of OLED Displays for the Cupertino-based Tech Giant

    Apple won't release an iPad with an OLED panel until 2022, despite the fact that OLED displays are the finest in the industry for...

    Samsung has acquired German OLED display company Cynora

    As per a report on Wednesday, Samsung Display has bought German display company Cynora GmbH for roughly $300 million to enhance technologies for foldable...

    EV Sales Chart: Elon Musk Observes as Hyundai Quietly Climbs at the top of the list

    Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Corp. are now producing the most electric vehicles in the auto industry. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 and its sibling,...

    Redburn: Amazon Cloud Business is expected to be worth $3 trillion

    As per a Redburn Ltd. analyst, Amazon cloud storage division is on track to reach a $3 trillion valuation, which is almost triple the...

    Volkswagen warns that EV Battery Manufacturing is the Biggest Challenge in EU’s New plan for Combustion Engine Cars

    A senior Volkswagen official warned on Wednesday that producing enough batteries to power the necessary electric cars will be a more challenging problem than...




    Serie A: Referee Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi creates history in Italian first division football

    The 31-year-old Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi is set to create history in Italian football as she became the first female referee to join Serie...

    United States qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics

    The United States men's national soccer team has qualified for the Olympics, and will be competing at Paris in 2024. They defeated Honduras 3-0...

    Qatar Failing to Provide Safety Assurances for LGBTQ+ Fans Journeying for FIFA World Cup in November

    Qatar officials have not been able to guarantee the safety of LGBTQ + fans scheduled to go watch the FIFA World Cup later this...

    Real Madrid Plans to break the Non-aggression Pact with Atletico Madrid

    Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have ended the non-aggression pact at the youth level, MARCA explained in a report on June 7. The verbal agreement...




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